Monitor( 17″ LCD)

Color LCD Monitor 17″VGA, resolution 1024 X 768 pixels supports, supply 230V AC 50/60Hz.

CPU Unit – Image Processing

This unit comprises of Embedded board. Hard disc, RAM and special logic controller card for flash control and system control functions. This CPU Unit is connected to the key board, camera unit, proximity sensor, stepper motor through connectors.

Camera Unit

Camera Unit consist of high quality CCD Color camera with superior sensitivity and excellent image quality with an in­built 3 Motorised macro zoom lens with 18 X zoom range.

Field views are of 100 X 70 mm. One flashing unit with high intensity xenon tubes integrated with the camera. Necessary cables, and connectors are attached with Camera Unit.

Traverse System

Traverse system consists of aluminium profile rail (size depending on machine out / out mm) with clamp support and timing belt.

Camera unit is mounted onto this system, on which the timing pulley of camera unit is connected to timing belt for step motion. Camera traverse speed is maximum 30mm/sec.


The keyboard facilitates control functions like zooming, viewing web from different positions by X axis and Y axis and, also store different positions.

Proximity Switch

This proximity counts gear teeth which is mounted near the gear of cylinder shaft with 10 meter cables and socket.

Split Screen

Display screen splits vertically for comparison of live image with master image. The reference image can be stored in memory.

Automatic Scan

Across the X axis four different picture position stored, facilitates to inspect the entire web.

Twelve Scan position

Twelve different pictures position stored on X-axis can be recalled at any time with reference to the same axis position.

  • High quality CCD colour camera
  • 18x optical zoom
  • 3 motors zoom lense
  • Split screen
  • User friendly symbolic keyboard
  • Automatic scan
  • 12 scan position
  • Motorized traverse for camera